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            About Me

Oriental school of thought meets modern-day bodywork. 

My tools are on a treatment table:

- Holistic Kinesiology DEI- The Kinesiology of Consciousness  

- Repositional Osteopathy- OART 

- Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

On the mat my approach is that of structural alignment, yoga- inspired sequences and customized home routines for homecare.

You are welcome. You and your history, goals and aspirations for a better world that begins with you. You are welcome. We meet as equals and work from wholeness.

           My Ethos

Integrative bodywork is a concept and practice I implement in each of my sessions. Approaching the body as a web of systems that rely on one another for optimal function and balance, I approach the physical body as a vehicle of experience, in constant search for more optimal ways to move, to heal, to express and transform.

From Quarks to Quasars

The capacity and willingness to create, edit, re-write and reframe our personal history...from quarks to quasars..from conception and upbringing, all the way out into our incorporation of culture and our interface with technology is an essential component of any successful life process. Physical symptoms cannot be picked apart from the "invisible" forces of compression that generate and keep them active in our life experience (thought patterns, beliefs, disregulated emotional patterns, coping mechanisms and survival strategies) which have served their function and have now become automated responses that characterize "the way we are". But when growth and pleasure demand that we break free from the limitations that we have cultivated to keep us safe...Nothing else will do!


The living, breathing, pulsating organism that we call "body" is host to more than its genetic code. We are an ecology of systems seeking balance within and without, seeking for spaces of repair and regeneration, seeking expansion and growth in harmony with the forces that shape who we are and who we are becoming. 

Treating the whole individual is the key to healing the great divide between mind-body, heart-soul, community and our personal relationship to the living cosmos.

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