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My Treatments

My work is hands-on in nature. This has led me to specialize to include a trauma informed approach and develop the capacity to read the signs within the therapeutic framework of what could arise.

All treatment sessions are composed of one or two of the below methods which in turn, are decided by the muscle test results that are gathered during the Kinesiology test early on in the session. 

Each treatment is as unique as you are.

Each treatment sets out to optimize and integrate the operating systems that you run on;

Structural (functionally aligned)

Energetic (meridians, chakras and nadis) and

Vibrational (though forms and belief patterns). 

Experience a therapeutic touch that combines the leading edge of modern manual therapies with the natural principles found at the root of Eastern philosophy.

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My methods

Repositional Osteopathy

Manual technique that works by de-stressing the trigger points that hold the painful patterns of tension in the body. Osteopathy works with the deep and superficial fascia, the interconnective fabric that envelops and joins the entire body. Popular for its gentleness, it is the ideal hands-on treatment for acute pain conditions. To read more, follow this link:


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Hands-on therapy that helps to release restrictions in the membranes around the brain and spinal cord by stimulating the cerebrospinal fluid to flow without obstruction. By influencing the nervous system to switch off the fight/flight mechanism, the body is free from its habitual restrictions and will naturally prioritize better sleep, better posture, alignment and integration. If your system is too busy fighting or avoiding a situation, its capacity for restoration is proportionally limited. To read more, follow this link:



Holistic Kinesiology DEI®- The Kinesiology of Consciousness 

Using muscle testing to derive information about open processes in the body that might be the cause of overload or blocked vital functions. DEI (Diagnostico Energetico Integral) is a systemic, non-invasive way to approach trauma and create conditions that restore depleted energy. Provides support for overcoming limited patterns that condition destructive behaviour and insights that optimize growth. To read more follow this link:                                                                   

Individualized Homecare Routines

Using Yoga to re-educate the body is a natural complement to bodywork and therapy. It enables you to move more effectively in order to avoid locking pain in a vulnerable joint or group of muscles. As a lifestyle, Yoga has much to offer those in search for a way to stay fit, healthy and aligned but even more enthralling; the exploration of mind, perception and inner guidance.

Yoga Practice
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