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Breath and Bodyworks 

Structural. Energetic. Vibrational.

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About Me

Passionate about creative, expressive and free movement; I live to embody the art of touch.

My work is about exploring consciousness, how we find integration, how we heal, how we transform.

As a therapist, I draw on traditional Chinese philosophy, modern bioenergetics and relational practices of embodiment. 

"There is nothing more revealing of a persons authenticity than the way they move. Except perhaps, the way they offer their stillness." 


My Treatments

Beach Sunset

Integrative Bodyworks and Zen


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Hot Stone Massage

Integrative Bodyworks - Think Holistic!


Meditation by the Sea
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Integrative Bodyworks- Zensorial Awakening


Get in Touch

Rundingen 09, Nordstrand,1170  /  Tel. 45900495

Thanks for reaching out!

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